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Our Environmental & Social Footprint

We are dedicated to safeguarding the Galapagos by embracing a carbon-neutral approach, protecting nature, supporting the local economy, and empowering communities. Through these efforts, we ensure a green future for the enchanted islands and beyond.

Explore how you make an eco-positive impact by joining us in our carbon-neutral cruises.


Carbon Neutrality

Yearly offsetting our operations' carbon footprint through the United Nations Carbon Credits initiative.

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Supporting the Galapagos Conservation Trust and maintaining environmental policies & practices.

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Social Aid

Social Aid

Boosting local economies and providing ongoing support in the Galapagos Islands & mainland Ecuador.

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Your commitment to earth-first will not go unnoticed. With each cruise booked, each passenger contributes:


Carbon Neutral Cruises

Our commitment to preserving natural spaces like the Galapagos Islands and combating the global climate crisis is at the forefront of our carbon-neutral approach.

How do we achieve this:

• Measuring our CO2 consumption
• Balancing our carbon footprint
• Investing in Carbon Credits through the UN

United Nations
CO2 1.5 tons of CO2 emissions are offset for every Royal Galapagos guest.

6,291mt CO2


We offset in carbon credits through the UN Carbon Offset Platform. To achieve carbon-neutrality, we measured the following aspects:

  • CO2 emissions from fuel and motor oil consumption in our fleet.
  • CO2 emissions from guests' flights to and from Galapagos.
  • CO2 generated by international flights from our staff.
  • CO2 generated by the commuting trips from our staff.
  • Electricity consumption in our offices.


These are the internationally verified and validated projects we choose to offset our carbon footprint:

Royal Galapagos continuously works with the Galapagos Conservation Trust, a British non-profit foundation that aims to protect and conserve the Galapagos Islands and their ecosystems through sustainable solutions.

To learn more about the Galapagos Conservation Trust, please click here.

Natural Paradise Galapagos Yachts

All Aboard!

Special Conservation Cruise

We believe that teamwork is essential for great achievements. In the summer of 2024, we are partnering with Steppes Travel and the Galapagos Conservation Trust for special departures aboard our Natural Paradise yacht (June 18-25 & July 02-09, 2024).

Apart from directly funding environmental programs, you’ll have the chance to learn firsthand about the ongoing conservation projects in the Galapagos from the professionals working on them!

Join us in this unique conservation journey alongside experts!

Discover more here

As part of our green commitment and our passion for providing journeys in harmony with nature, we also support these projects of the Galapagos Conservation Trust:

Endangered Sharks


Shark One shark is monitored for one year, assisting research and conservation goals.

Vital to the ecosystem, sharks face endangerment due to climate change and plastic pollution.

This initiative focuses on researching their nursery dynamics, migratory behavior, and protecting a “swim path” between the Galapagos and Cocos Island in Costa Rica.

To learn more about this project, click here.

Plastic Pollution


Trash 8 lbs of plastic waste are collected per guest from Galapagos beaches.

Tons of plastic are cleaned from Galapagos beaches every year. To help mitigate the issues that come with it, this initiative along with the Pacific Plastics: Science to Solutions network (PPSS), target cleaning, education, and data gathering; aiming for replicable solutions across the globe.

To learn more about this program, click here.

Rescuing Giant Tortoises


Galapagos tortoises face ongoing threats which are direct consequences of human actions. To help preserve this emblematic archipelago giant, this project focuses on nest protection and specimens monitoring throughout their life. Another aspect is the local community collaboration in creating safe pathways and participating in environmental education campaigns.

For more information on this initiative, click here.

Plush Animal

Adopting Galapagos Animals

Our dedication to this project goes beyond mere involvement; we actively engage by turning our vessels into 'adoptive parents' for emblematic Galapagos species. Additionally, we grant adoption certificates and adorable stuffed animals to our guests and clients on special occasions.

This initiative allows “adopters” to fund efforts while staying updated on conservation progress. To learn more about this program and to adopt your own Galapagos animal, please click here.

Sustainable Operation in the Galapagos

Modern Boats


The Royal Galapagos fleet has been built to the highest environmental standards, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the cleanest sailing experience.

In Armony with Nature


When it comes to protecting wildlife, waterjets are the best propulsion solution. This bladeless system has been implemented on the brand new M/C Cormorant II.



We provide our guests with only high-quality, biodegradable soaps and shampoos. Additionally, the laundry and cleaning supplies onboard are also eco-friendly to minimize their impact on the ocean water.

Clean Water


High-tech desalination systems are installed on all our boats to provide drinking water and general-purpose water, eliminating the need to import this resource from the mainland.

Energy Efficiency


Self-generated electric power is provided through high-tech generators that consume minimal amounts of diesel fuel. Low-power lighting and appliances are also installed onboard.

Waste Management


All the waste generated by our operations is meticulously sorted and treated for proper disposal. We optimize the use of organic waste on the islands and, if necessary, send it to the mainland for processing.

Efficient Boats


Our yachts and catamarans are specifically designed and built for cruising the Galapagos, incorporating hydrodynamic designs, lightweight materials, and the use of lead-free paint.

Single Use Plastic


During our cruises, passengers are provided with beautiful refillable water bottles that they can take home as souvenirs, helping to protect the islands from plastic waste.

Grown & Made in Galapagos

The transportation of supplies from mainland Ecuador to the islands has a significant environmental impact due to the considerable distance that needs to be covered by air or sea (600 miles). To mitigate this, we incorporate regulated and sustainable fishing practices, small-scale farming operations on the islands of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal, and family-owned food businesses (such as bakeries) into our local supply chain in the Galapagos. This approach allows us to support local production with fair trade and quality standards.

Family-Owned Ecuadorian Boats

The vessels of Royal Galapagos are owned by Ecuadorian families, with whom we have a special bond and relationship. Since the beginning of our operations in 2012, we have shared common goals and objectives. Our aim is to directly fuel and enhance the local economy, thereby avoiding capital flight to large international corporations.

Local Crew & Workforce

The population inhabiting the Galapagos Islands relies to a large extent on tourism for their livelihood. Therefore, the labor force on our boats primarily consists of locals who are trained from a young age to fulfill various roles on board, including Naturalist Guides, Chief Cooks, First Mates, Captains, and more. This approach helps prevent the migration of professionals from the mainland and contributes to maintaining a sustainable population level in the archipelago.

Connecting Galapagos with its Youth

Regularly, Royal Galapagos organizes special departures in which young people and children from the islands have the opportunity to tour the archipelago on our cruise ships. The most emblematic and best-protected sites are typically inaccessible to the local population, so by bringing our children closer to them, we aim to raise their awareness and responsibility in safeguarding their preservation.

Fully Commited to Responsible Tourism

Small Groups

Small Yachts

We exclusively operate small private yachts to accommodate reduced groups at each site

Regulated Activities

Regulated Activities

All cruise activities are regulated by the Galapagos National Park

Naturalist Guides

Naturalist Guides

Our Naturalist Guides also serve as official National Park rangers

Wildlife Care

Wildlife Conservation

We prioritize the utmost care for Galapagos wildlife and the ecosystem

Fundación Jonathan

Fundación Jonathan is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health and social support to underprivileged individuals in Ecuador. Their core mission includes offering assistance to youth with disabilities, as well as providing aid to elderly individuals facing illness, abandonment, and homelessness.

Royal Galapagos and its staff make monthly contributions to Fundación Jonathan by donating food for children and the elderly who benefit from the organization's work on a daily basis. The contributions are based on the foundation's monthly supply needs.

Social Each Royal Galapagos guest ensures a full meal for a vulnerable member of society.

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