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Royal Galapagos Testimonials

Discover recent firsthand travel experiences from our valued guests as they explore Ecuador's prime destinations, like the charming city of Quito and the remarkable Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Cruise Reviews

Find below testimonials and comments from travelers of the Royal Galapagos fleet. Hundreds of passengers share their Galapagos experience aboard the most prestigious cruise yachts in the Islands.

Grand Majestic Infinity Natural Paradise Horizon Cormorant II Calipso

Grand Majestic Cruise Reviews VIEW THIS CRUISE


The trip was awesome!!! Thank you so much for all the coordination. The Grand Majestic boat was fantastic and the crew surpassed all expectations. They are a great group!!!

Thanks again,

Kendall Gomber

United States of America August, 2023. USA

Hello Lorena

Just wanted to let you know that we all arrived safely to Quito. We all want to thank you for the very well organised tour to Galapagos, we really enjoyed it, and all went extremely well.

So, thanks and we hope to "use" your services in the future.

Jacob, Judith, Karen, Dov, Dalia and Joseph.

Israel May, 2023. Israel

Absolutely unforgettable trip. The crew was fantastic and our guide Luis was phenomenal. I loved the packed schedule and all the different activities. The food was amazing. muchas muchas gracias!!!!

Jessica Hylek

United States of America April, 2023. USA

THIS IS THE BEST CREW ON PLANET EARTH!!!!! Their care for our experience, brilliance in everything that they do, and love for the Galapagos is unmatched. I will remember this for the rest of my life.

Andrew Imani

United States of America April, 2023. USA

We had an amazing time. The kids were so excited everyday. We were taken care of so well and everything was perfect.

The crew was awesome and our guide was the best! We checked off every animal and activity we wished for the trip. We loved the Grand Majestic.

Mcmynn Family

Canada March, 2023. Canada

Royal Galapagos provided transport to the airport –on time and walked us to another employee who handled all our paperwork at the airport and gave us cards we needed to enter Galapagos. Smooth as silk.

We loved the Grand Majestic, the crew, and the master suite. They met us at the airport and took care of everything. Luis (the guide with us every day) was born in Galapagos and knew all the history of the islands. Loved the snorkeling, hiking and bird watching. Weather was great – saw lots of sea lions, flamingos, boobies etc. Loved going to the top of the ship in the morning. Saw sharks, manatees, etc. Some people became seasick but we had no problems. Between every morning and afternoon panga activities we had fresh juices and snacks.

Greg and Paula Fussell

United States of America February, 2023. USA

Thank you so very much from the trip of a lifetime! Everything has been so wonderful - incredible sights, delicious food ( and so much of it), great service, and lots of fun! Big thank you to each and every one of you.You made this trip the best!

Amy Clayton

United States of America June, 2022. USA

Gracias por todo, Galápagos es muy increíble, fue el mejor viaje. Las comidas fueron muy deliciosas y jugar fútbol con ustedes fue muy divertido, me encantó ver la ballena.

Sara Koler

United States of America June, 2022. USA

Thank you for making this the best trip ever! I learned so much about Galapagos Islands and I loved the popcorn surprise during the movies!

Wilson Clayton

United States of America June, 2022. USA

Dear Lorena,

We had the most fantastic trip I could have ever imagined. As nice as the Grand Majestic ship was, it was really the people--yourself, the crew, the naturalist, and the captain--who made the trip beyond extraordinary. Every one of you was kind, helpful, and went above and beyond to make sure we had the trip of a lifetime. We learned so much and have wonderful memories. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful group of people to help us to enjoy the cruise. Thank you so much for all your help and I will absolutely recommend you to my friends who are interested in a cruise.

Thank you.


Megan Crowley

United States of America March, 2022. USA

We loved the Grand Majestic... The main suite was extra special! We only had 14 aboard which was great and a mix of people from around the world. I would highly recommend the 8 day on the west side of Isabela island. We only saw 2 other boats there during our 2 days of exploring versus lots of boats around Bartholomew and Santa Cruz areas. In addition, the food was outstanding... always a warm drink after a morning snorkel, snacks during the day and a great vegetarian meal for my daughter.

Cantlebary family

United States of America January, 2022. USA

Most amazing crew & staff. Everyone was kind, helpful and knowledgeable. We formed a little home away from home with everyone and fellow guests this week!

Emma Fletcher

United States of America January, 2022. USA

I would have written sooner but I’m just now returning to the USA from the beautiful Galapagos Islands. I started my trip with your company for four days on your beautiful Grand Majestic Yacht. I couldn’t have asked for a more “Majestic” experience! The yacht was more than I ever expected, but the whole crew was “above and beyond” in every aspect.

James Barreno was the best guide I have EVER had on any tour I’ve ever been on. His knowledge of the Galapagos Islands was outstanding. He could answer any question asked of him (and I asked plenty), and his delivery of the information was so enthusiastic. He seemed to LOVE telling us about his islands... not to mention he was adorable (I’m 76) with a fabulous sense of humor. He also had an impeccable grasp of the English language.

Now about our charming Captain Pedro... I can’t say enough! I’ve been on many cruises and never had a Captain so “hands on” in helping everyone. I’m 76 years old and could have never made the 3+ hour hike on Espanola Island over lava rocks and boulders without his strong arms and warm heart. He didn’t hesitate on offering to help me make the excursion... the best part of the whole trip! It was beautiful scenery and tons of wildlife. I never slipped or twisted my ankles on any of those treacherous rocks... it was like he helped glide me long….and I’m not a light weight by any means. I know he was exhausted ...much more so than I was. Such a gentleman! Both Pedro and James are such assets to your company. Oh, and let me mention the group of people we had onboard. EVERYONE was so much fun and got along like we had known each other previously.

It was an unforgettable trip!! I want to go again!!

Em Parker

United States of America January, 2022. USA

Absolutely phenomenal hospitality! Thank you so much for a memorable experience! This trip exceeded our expectations and we were highly impressed with the staff! They work incredibly hard all day to ensure everyone's comfort and safety. We will highly recommend this cruise line to others traveling here! Muchas Gracias!!!

Patricia Mangat

Canada November, 2021. Canada

Our family had an absolutely amazing trip! This is an experience we will treasure for the rest of our lives! Thank you so much!

The Hopper Family

United States of America July, 2021. USA

Everything absolutely perfect (Best week of our lives) All of the crew and their customer service was impeccable! Thank you to Myra for the cleanest bedroom and to Paulo + Wilmer for your smiles first thing in the morning! Marcus – best guide in the Galapagos! Thanks!

Jessica Wells

United States of America November, 2021. USA

All the crew was fabulous! If we ever came back I would book on the Grand Majestic again. Food was incredible. Thank you so much for a fabulous trip!

Tina, Chris & Reena

United States of America December, 2021. USA

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us this past week. Thank you for all your hard work and making this special trip even more special! We appreciate your blood, sweat and tears that go into making this yacht run like a fine timepiece.

Alysm & Bert Lee

United States of America February, 2020. USA

Great adventure! Learned so much! Everything and everybody was awesome. The crew of the yacht were so friendly and helpful. Thank you for making the trip so enjoyable.


United States of America February, 2020. USA

To the wonderful crew of the Grand Majestic... thank you all for making our time here in Galapagos extra special! In addition to taking such great care of us, you all made it so much fun! We Will remember you all always! “Please” don’t forget us! We miss you all already!

Lisa & Russ Coleman

United States of America February, 2020. USA

To the Grand Majestic crew! Thank you for a wonderful trip! We appreciate everything you've done for us! You are all the best!

Gun & Jennifer

United States of America February, 2020. USA

Everything was fantastic, very professional, safe, friendly, knowledgeable, clean, helpful, organized, and a lot of fun. Thank you, you are an amazing group of people, preserving a true paradise.

United States of America January, 2019. USA

We had an excellent holiday – thank you to all the staff on the Grand Majestic for making it so memorable. We would definitely recommend it to friends! Gracias!!

Allan & Katie

United States of America February, 2019. USA

It was a once in a lifetime experience made all that much better because of the amazing staff. James was phenomenal and could not have asked for a better guide! Gracias to everyone!


United States of America March, 2019. USA

Everything was very well organized and all logistics were very well handed. Our family had a great experience that exceeded our expectations. Thank you! Excellente crew, very friendly!

United States of America March, 2019. USA

This was an amazing experience. Fernando was fantastic. We feel we were extremely lucky to have a guide with this background knowledge and the perfect person to share it with us! This trip exceeded our expectations!

United States of America March, 2019. USA

Everything is perfect! Our naturalist Hanzel is quite knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Bartender Eduardo is very nice and hardworking. All the crew members are professional and warm. This trip is memorable and we’d like to come back some day!

United States of America June, 2019. USA

Dear Gustavo,

I just had a long chat with Ms Robinson about her cruise on Grand Majestic with her grand daughter. Her feedback was all really positive: the boat was lovely (and they were thrilled with the suite), the crew was great and James the guide was really professional, informative and passionate about the islands.

All in all, they had a fabulous trip. Many thanks to you and your team!

Best wishes,

Maria Coffey

United States of America June, 2019. USA

To management,

On May 27th, I completed our 8 day cruise on the Grand Majestic with my wife and two adult children. We did not complete the feedback questionnaire, but wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the experience due in great part to the excellent crew and guide. All of your staff were gracious and professional. I’m particular, Romulo, our waiter and bartender, was always attentive and helpful. He has a very good understanding of English and helped us with any issues. And our guide, James, was excellent, ensuring we are leaving Galapagos much better informed and conscious of this extraordinary environment.


Daniel Murphy

United States of America May, 2019. USA

Infinity Cruise Reviews VIEW THIS CRUISE

Hi Cinzia,

Just checking in. Having a wonderful time here in Galápagos. Boat is amazing. Service and staff beyond expectations. We are Very lucky with our experiences so far. Have swum with sea turtles, reef sharks and a huge pod of Galapagos Dolphins!!


Ronny Giesser

Australia January, 2024. Australia

Thank you for everything. The cruise was incredible. The entire crew, guides, kitchen staff, Marv, Eric, Carlos, Rony, etc... Everyone was very efficient and friendly.

Thank you for be so careful with me. It was unforgettable.

Have a lovely day!

Carol Ferreira – Operations Manager X-Travel

USA October, 2023. USA

Hi Lorena,
We had a fabulous trip! Everything was very smooth and easy. Thank you for all your help!

Thanks again,

Summer Sedano

Canada October, 2022. USA

The visit to the Infinity was SPECTACULAR. The whole crew was well organized and the hotel manager (cruise director?) Kerly was wonderful. Thank you again for your help in organizing that. I am delighted that this summer our Birajiclian family will be onboard the Infinity – woohoo!

Kelsey - CNHT (Agency inspection)

Canada February, 2022. Canada

Andrea, Erick and the entire crew were more than excellent! The staff made this trip so memorable. We will highly recommend it to everyone we know! Thank you

Tim & Ali

United States of America October, 2021. USA

We had an amazing experience! Thank you for making our trip so relaxing and magical! The food and treatment was 110%! Great, fun and knowledgeable guides! Infinity = #1

David Rozen

United States of America November, 2021. USA

For exceeded our expectations!!! Thank you for the amazing crew for an amazing lifetime experience! Everything was wonderful! Daniel and Carlos and the rest of the staff did an exceptional job at hosting, serving us and meeting our very needs!

Muchas gracias! Dios les bendiga!!!

Margaret Beck

United States of America February, 2020. USA

The trip has been absolutely fantastic. Everyone is so helpful + friendly + knowledgeable Gaby & Gus our guides were brilliant, the activities were awesome + kept no busy

Nicky Boulter

United States of America February, 2019. USA

Excellent staff: Marcus was an exceptional guide. All the crew were amazing especially Marely, Carlos, Johnny – be – Good and of course the cleaning staff We would recommend! Snorkeling was amazing!

Chriss Murphy

United States of America February, 2019. USA

Amazing trip, thank you for everything!!! Staff were incredible and attentive. Food was Delicious! A trip I Will never forget!

Lily Mclean

United States of America August, 2019. USA

The infinity is a fantastic ship run by a fantastic crew. Their service was totally exceptional and should be recommended! All aspects of the trip, from the guides to the food, exceeded our expectations!

United States of America October, 2019. USA

This trip was fantastic. We never expect that everything Will be perfect, things happen. This crew did a great job keeping us on the tome and well fed. Great work!

Christa & Sean Pickel

United States of America October, 2019. USA

Excellent experience, thanks for these 5 days. Special thanks to Mariano & Hanzel you guys make our trip memorable

Alessio Lombardozzi

Italy October, 2019. Italy


Just wanted to send a note of your thoughtfulness and the Anniversary gift and well wishes of the Infinity crew. It meant so much. It was the highlight of a fantastic trip. We’ll be back. The guy that managed the operation and our tour guides were some of the most beautiful human beings I have had the privilege of meeting in my life.

Richard Freund

United States of America September, 2019. USA

Jerez y Tom,

¡Saludos desde el final de nuestro viaje a Galápagos, verdaderamente, un viaje en expansión de la mente! Vimos flamingos en los flujos de lava, leones marinos que anidan en los árboles de mango, pingüinos que nadan alrededor de nuestra panga en el bosque de manglar (con cactus creciendo justo al lado del manglar), e iguanas alimentándose en el océano. ¡La palabra clave es endémica, lo que significa que no ocurre en ningún otro lugar del mundo!

El regalo de una botella de vino tinto a bordo cuando llegamos fue muy apreciado. Lo compartimos con nuestros compañeros de mesa, que fue el comienzo de las amistades de por vida. Nuestro sincero agradecimiento y gracias!

Tom y Sherry, apreciamos sinceramente a nuestro equipo de agentes de viajes veteranos, que hicieron que nuestro viaje a través de los disturbios políticos, sin problemas. Algunos de nuestros compañeros de cruceros de compras por Internet tenían historias de terror. Una pareja de Calgary había experimentado efectos de gases lacrimógenos a la deriva tres veces en Quito. Una chica de Alemania pasó toda la noche llegando al aeropuerto tratando de evitar los bloqueos de carreteras y rellenando los agujeros en las carreteras que hicieron los manifestantes.

¡El yate y la tripulación Infinity fueron de lujo y un excelente servicio al cliente! El Capitán Diego presentó a su tripulación con un brindis con champaña. Nos ayudó a bordo cuando regresamos de las caminatas y el snorkel: siempre había bebidas y bocadillos esperándonos, abrió el puente cuando pasamos por el ecuador para permitirnos verlo en los instrumentos, proporcionó un brindis de cóctel y nos permitió para tomar fotos sentado en la silla del capitán con su sombrero y nuestra mano en el volante, y fue un excelente momento después de la barbacoa en la terraza en una bahía remota en la base del lago Darwin (que Darwin pensó que estaba encaramado lago de agua dulce, pero había sido llenado por un tsunami y en realidad era un lago de hiper salinidad.

¡Muchas historias y fotos para compartir contigo! Pero primero, tenemos el largo viaje de ojos rojos a casa.

Una vez más, nuestro sincero agradecimiento y agradecimiento por hacer posible este viaje de tu vida.

Jim & Donna Heffner

United States of America October, 2019. USA

Dear Lorena,

I am writing to tell you how much we enjoyed our cruise Itinerary B around the Galapagos Islands. The Infinity was beyond expectations.

I would like to compliment the crew who were amazing. Firstly Marelli our hostess was an absolute delight. She attended to every need with a smile and set the tone for the entire trip. She addressed everyone by name and made you feel like a VIP. Christina attended to our cabin and she went above and beyond (even folding clothes). The cabins were spotless and she attended to everything in a quiet and efficient manner and always a smile. Carlos was the barman and he was also a delight. Very attentive remembering drinks that you liked and topping up water and tea and coffee as required and always with a smile. Gustavo was the tender driver that we mostly went on shore or toured with. He made sure everything was safe and made sure the tender was always in the best position to view points of interest and take the best photos. The Captain was friendly, professional and always accessible. He made the effort to engage with the passengers and was willing to stop the boat to view wildlife and points of interest. He also set the tone for an incredible journey. Marcus Medina was an exceptional guide, his knowledge of the environment and history was outstanding.

I would like you to forward this email to management and the owner of the company (I believe he was the gentleman who joined us for part of the journey) as I would like all the crew, but particularly the people I have mentioned to know how much we loved our trip and we think they were the absolute best.

Kind regards,

Kerri Stiles

United States of America April, 2019. USA

Natural Paradise Cruise Reviews VIEW THIS CRUISE

Good morning Eli,

Thank you so much for following up, you were actually on my list of people to contact today now that we’re starting to return to normal day to day living.

We wanted to thank you so much for all your support in our return to Galapagos, it was an amazing trip! Thank you so much for the gifts, the beautiful scarf and the panama hat – which Cam wore all the way home, through 4 airports, to ensure it didn’t get crumpled. We’re not sure how you did it, but thank you also for the upgraded flight seats to and from Quito to Galapagos, we truly appreciated the extra space. Cam is 6’ 4”, so most economy seats have his knees up on the tray table, this was truly a wonderful surprise for him to be able to stretch out his long legs.

Our trip was fantastic! We cannot say enough good things about the crew, they went out of their way to make sure that guests had a first class experience, from beginning to end. Alejandro was amazing, attending to our every need, but the crew were right there behind him, nothing was too much trouble. We were thrilled that the Natural Paradise itinerary had more opportunities to snorkel than our previous Cormorant itinerary – something that every guest, ourselves included, were over the moon with!

Once again, thank you so much for all your help, and the gifts, we’ll never forget you,

Kind regards,

Sue and Cameron

Canada May, 2024. Canada

I hope you are well.

Overall, I would say the holiday was exceptional, the moves between hotel effortlessly and the staff and guides amazing. Thank you for the time put in prior to us finalising the itinerary as – it was perfect and I would not have changed anything.

Casa Gangotena Quito – the hotel was perfectly positioned to explore the old city – which we loved. Rooms and Service were amazing.

Cotopaxi – was a phenomenal day out and the place booked for lunch was exceptional and unique – and please give feedback to the local company that you used that the guide ‘Miriam’ was fantastic and made the visit even more special.

The Natural Paradise – exceeded all expectations both in terms of comfort, quality of the staff, food and beverages. Outstanding customer service on every level! It was the trip of a lifetime. Please please feedback that Maria Ramirez was probably the best guide we have ever had in any setting. Her knowledge and passion ensured that we had the most wonderful experience, and every day was magical.

After the Galapagos we were so worried this would be a disappointment. Quite the opposite! Thank you again for the upgrade that made our stay even more special. Wow to every meal! Wow to every excursion! What a unique beautiful experience – please give feedback to Mashpi that our guide Gabriel was amazing, he put so much effort into it and he was so committed to the beauty and conservation of Mashpi.

The transfers and drivers were all punctual, helpful and willing to go above and beyond.


Esther Marlow

UK December, 2023. UK

Just a quick note to let you know that all of us got home safely last night. We all had an amazing time - a new adventure every outing - and lots of great memories. Anna and I already decided we want to go back again.

Thanks again for all your help,


United States of America May, 2023. USA

We had a fantastic time on the Natural Paradise. We loved everything – the crew, food, the cabin, the itinerary. We really enjoyed the cruise director Jorge and were very impressed with the guide Marcus.

Mr. Marshall

United States of America February, 2023. USA


My Dad and I just returned from our Nov 22-29 Galapagos cruise aboard the Natural Paradise, and I wanted to let you know how much the crew added to our overall experience.
We of course loved all the excursions, wildlife and landscapes, but what put our experience over the top was the top-notch naturalist guide, Andres Cadena as well as the superb crew.

I feel so lucky that we had Andres as our guide. He was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and funny and did an excellent job navigating our group. I never felt like we were rushing from place to place and during our excursions, he would always stop to explain what we were seeing and patiently answer questions (our group had a lot).

He also did informative evening briefings and told us exactly what to expect the next day. I very much appreciated that he suggested things to bring and what types of clothes/shoes would be ideal for the next day’s activities.

He also put together a few mini presentations for us, like one of the history of the Galapagos for instance, and even created a video for the group that included videos and photos from our eight days together.

Jorge was also incredible. He always had a smile on his face and was so attentive to guests; he expertly anticipated what guests needed before they had even asked for anything. Also, on the last day, as we were leaving Isles Lobos, he even got off the dingy and ran up the trail to help an older guest descend the rocky trail. I thought that was so kind. He even dressed up every night for dinner, which just showed again how much he cared about his job and providing the best experience for guests.

Alejando was wonderful as well. Always laughing, always there to help everyone with whatever they needed. And Fernando made such incredible food!

But truly, the entire crew was so friendly and wonderful. There were so many little things they did that they didn’t have to, but since they cared, they did it anyway, like help guests put on their wetsuits, wrap dry towels around our shoulders as we got out of the cold water and put down dry towels on the dingys so you wouldn’t get wet. They clearly cared for guests as well as one another, and they were always hustling, always laughing, and it just made our experience so joyful and memorable.

We are so grateful to the crew and feel so lucky to have met them all. Thanks so much!


Erika Maguire

United States of America November, 2022. USA

Dear Lorena,
We have just arrived back in Germany after 8 extraordinary days on the Natural Paradise. I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for your support over the last 3 years (!).
Your support has been exceptional for me and my wife!
Thanks to you, we have been able to reschedule the cruise several times during the pandemic, so we could now enjoy the trip to the fullest.
Once Again: Thank you Lorena!

Olaf Birgels

Germany October, 2022. Germany

For us, the cruise was the perfect length (5-day, 4-night) and location (inner islands to minimize the need for long travels between islands and thus the rougher seas). The variety of plants and wildlife on the islands was amazing, as was the varied geology. We got very fortunate and the wildlife turned out in droves (even the crew was taking pictures of some sites and the guide was excited to see a few things, so we knew we were seeing some uncommon occurrences)! The guide and the staff were all fabulous. Great food, nice accommodations. Really a trip to cherish forever, in all respects. I can’t imagine it going any better.

Wilczynski Group

United States of America July, 2022. USA

We have just returned from our trip to the Galapagos, and I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had.

The boat was amazing. The food , the crew, the trips, the guide.There wasn’t anything to fault. It all far exceeded our high expectations after such a long wait. All our connections etc. all went smoothly.

Thank you for all your help these past few years!
Dawn Farr

UK May, 2022. UK

Special Moments: While on the ship my granddaughter celebrated her birthday and my daughter and son-in-law their anniversary. The crew went overboard decorating their rooms and the dining room. Special cakes etc. The crew was fabulous and the chef was outstanding, preparing gluten free food for my daughter. Highly recommend the Natural Paradise!
Baker Family

United States of America April, 2022. USA

I just wanted to send an e-mail about our recent experience aboard the Natural Paradise. I was traveling from April 12th through the 18th with my wife and daughter in addition to my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation. The boat was a perfect size and the captain and crew were nothing short of amazing! We celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday and our anniversary onboard the boat.

The crew decorated our cabins and made us feel so special! I felt as though they were part of my family and they truly were spectacular. I look forward to visiting the Galapagos Islands in the future and we will undoubtedly use your services again. Please extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the captain and crew of the Natural Paradise.

Best Wishes,
Russell Seymour

United States of America April, 2022. USA

Enjoyed the Galapagos the most - had the most fun. The boat and staff were just amazing - Natural Paradise - cabins were in excellent condition. Galapagos guide was fantastic, very experienced and knowledgeable.

Emily Van Beveran

United States of America February, 2022. USA

Thank you for such care with our special dietary needs. We loved the variety of foods and the artistry of the food presentation and taste. You treated us royally and made this a “once in a lifetime adventure” for us. Thanks too for smooth sailing Captain and safe friendly panga rides.

Doug and Maureen Anderson

United States of America January, 2020. USA

Every member of the crew was welcoming and attentive. Meals were amazing – the food presentation service! Alejandro was an outstanding bartender! Camilo and Orlando are not only great panga drivers, but also funny and knowledgeable about the wildlife. We appreciate everything that everyone did behind the scenes to make this the trip of a lifetime. Thank you all so much!

Aaron Anderson

United States of America February, 2020. USA

Wonderful trip! We could not have asked for a better experience! The crew and guide were amazing! We wish we could do it all over again. We’ll highly recommend it to our friends and family! Merry Christmas.

Victoria & Jimmy

United States of America December, 2020. USA

We had a wonderful time. The activities were amazing! The food was Delicious and we Will recommend Natural Paradise to our friends.

Michael Heinz

United States of America March, 2019. USA

Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful time. We have had a great experience. We loved the great food, riding in the pangas, and exploring the boat. Thanks!!!

Milo, Eva, Rachel, Esther, Vlodeck and Viviana

United States of America July, 2019. USA

Thank you for making our trip so special. You are so much fun. We enjoyed getting to know you. We appreciate how hard you work to make our trip so perfect special

Lisa & Dana

United States of America July, 2019. USA

Fantastic crew + food + guide + confort was amazing, Tania is a warm profesional, Glenda was very caring when our daughter was sick. Thanks for everything!

Naomi Mezey

United States of America August, 2019. USA

This was a fabulous excursion, loved the service, cheerful staff, and knowledgeable guide.

David Krasner

United States of America September, 2019. USA

A wonderful boat with amazing staff. Also the best experience for us in the Galapagos islands with James, our guide. Thank you!

Jadzia & Ham Rae

United States of America September, 2019. USA

Excellent cruise – superior service from everyone would have loved to stay longer.


United States of America September, 2019. USA

Everything was outstanding! Over and above our expectations! The wildlife encounters were fabulous, the food was Delicious and panga drivers were safe and we will recommend these adventures to others.

United States of America October, 2019. USA

Alejandro has been great! Tanya has controlled everything marvelously, Javier is a ninja cleaner, food surprisingly + varied (great) everything organized so well, panga drivers very Good, great activities + itinerary + crew + ship, great attention to detail. Thank you so much! Muchas gracias a todos!

Gemma & Piero

United States of America October, 2019. USA

We really enjoyed this wonderful trip with the Natural Paradise crew and guide! Keep up the Good work and thank you again for this wonderful adventure!


United States of America November, 2019. USA

Our service with Galapagos tours has been exceptional. Many Thanks to Diana E. for her work arranging all of our holiday and congratulations to all of the crew.

United States of America December, 2019. USA

You have a very special country in the whole world and made our holiday very special. I work for Air Canada and Will be back!

Richard Stevenson

United States of America December, 2019. USA

Thank you for making this trip so incredibly amazing. All the staff have been so friendly and kind and we are so grateful for everything you have done.

Although I am only 18 years old, this trip Will without a doubt be the highlight of my life all thanks to you guys. You have made this an unforgettable experience and I can not thank you enough.

Santiago you are the friendliest and happiest person and I am lucky to have met you.

I wish you all the best for your futures. Thank you!


United States of America February, 2019. USA

Another top notch Goway experience!

Our custom tour of the Galapagos & Machu Picchu went off without a hitch thanks to Goway’s organizational abilities, attention to detail, and contracting with excellent local tour providers - Royal Galapagos in Ecuador & Condor Travel in Peru. Thanks to Michael Rigillo for making our double bucket list itinerary one of our best adventures ever!

Patricia Lee Mulhall

United States of America July, 2019. USA

Just wanted to let you know what a marvelous time we had on our 8-day cruise on the Natural Paradise! The ship was perfectly designed and well laid-out. The crew were fantastic - we were particularly impressed by how quickly they learned all our names and preferences for food/drinks. In addition, all the crew helped out w/ all tasks as needed, especially to ensure we got on and off the panga's safely (even the captain helped!). The food was another highlight - every commented on how good and varied it was; also a different dessert for lunch and dinner for 7 days was particularly impressive! We also appreciated the snacks after each outing, matched to whether we were cold from swimming or hot from hiking. We also loved our cabin and the balcony where we spent many evenings watching the beautiful scenery go by.

James. the naturalist was absolutely outstanding. He managed the group very well, was an excellent resource and teacher, and always put our safety first. I knew that the naturalist would have a big impact on our trip and I don't think we could have found a better professional to guide us for our Galapagos adventure.

Thanks again!

Ann Hardy and Mark Eberhardt

United States of America October, 2017. USA

Hi Lorena,

We have just returned from our trip. It was wonderful.

We would like to thank you and the Royal Galapagos company for the great experience we had during our adventure.

The trip was very well organized, starting from picking us up a the Guayaquil airport and ending with dropping us at the Quito hotel.

The cruise was beyond all our expectations - the gorgeous yacht, amazing cabin, attentive staff, professional crew, our tour guide Roberto, meals and excursions, and overall service.

We were very pleased with our choice, and will definitely recommend you as a trip advisor and the Royal Galapagos to our friends.

Lana and Larry Shuty

United States of America September, 2017. USA

Dear Gustavo,
I’m on my way home to Minnesota after a wonderful time in Galapagos!
It was a pleasure to finally meet you, and to learn about Royal Galapagos.

The cruise on Natural Paradise was outstanding! The ship is beautiful, and I really liked my cabin (thank you!)

The shore landings were beyond what I could have imagined. Beautiful, and the experiences were wonderful.

The guide and crew were wonderful, as well. Very professional, taking care of everything, very attentive, and polite.

The Food! I didn’t expect so much fresh salads, and fruit, and all the meals were delicious.

Thank you again for the opportunity to take Natural Paradise! My clients will be very happy with their cruise next year. I also hope we can book other clients with you.

We look forward to working further with Royal Galapagos.

Warm regards,

Linda McCormick

United States of America September, 2017. USA

Galapagos Horizon Cruise Reviews VIEW THIS CRUISE


Thank you for all your help. The trip was just wonderful. The entire staff on the boat was incredible, and everything went perfectly.

Thanks once again. We shall return!

Liz Danzico

USA August, 2023. USA

Hi Carolina

Galapagos was unbelievable. I did get to see more than one blue footed booby, and more land iguanas that I could even count. The Horizon Trimaran was awesome. The crew was spectacular. The other passengers were wonderful

Mark Swartz

USA March, 2023. USA

The Horizon was just fabulous!

So roomy and well-appointed. Being on a small ship made a huge difference: fewer people to get on/off of activities, able to get closer to shore, and to spend time with our guide, so better access to the experiences we came for. I'd like to mention the following people who made my trip comfortable, educational and memorable:

Gio in Quito was a true blessing. Made us feel right at home. Took some great pics of us. Andres, our cruise guide not only took care that we saw and learned LOTS, but shared some of his excellent photography with us. Sharon, our cruise director, Laura the bartender, and the ship's chef all gave me special treatment when I didn't feel well. Kudos to the chef! Wow--great food, beautifully presented. The panga drivers were great--especially helping this "old lady" in/out of the boat on snorkeling trips.

Sally Kelly

USA January, 2023. USA

Cormorant II Cruise Reviews VIEW THIS CRUISE

Hello Andrea,

I just wanted to thank you for everything, we had a wonderful time. I thought you might want a trip review for your webpage.

I have never felt so pampered!

Our Royal Galapagos trip was amazing from start to finish. The boat cabins were large and well maintained. The staff were very helpful, and went above and beyond to meet our needs. The food was all delicious, and the chef worked around my food allergies. The daily excursions were well planned: just long enough for us to see everything, but not so long that we got exhausted. I will recommend Royal Galapagos to anyone that is interested in visiting the islands.

Thank you,

Tiffany Gates

Canada June, 2024. USA

Everything was incredible, I can't thank you enough!! It was extremely helpful to finally visit the Galapagos and better understand not only how cruising works there, but to better understand Royal's fleet, and of course, the Cormorant II. Everything was great - the service, naturalist guide, equipment, food, cabin - everything! I was only surprised in the end that I was on a vessel with other customers, not agents, as I thought.

The experience was crucial, and really helped the Galapagos come to life for me, and in turn my clients.

Thank you so much again,

Emma Fritz – Product Manager Extraordinary Journeys

Canada October, 2023. USA

Hi Lorena:

I would like to start your week with high praise for coordinating the outstanding experience that we all had--so thank you VERY much! Everybody was first class throughout the entire trip, including being friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and on time. Please pass it on with great appreciation.

We felt the same way about all the accommodations. And thank you for the perfect weather.

The private yacht experience was outstanding. What else can I say?

I have already recommended you to a friend, who will be contacting you regarding a future visit.

Again, many thanks--from the group.


Ed Baker

Canada June, 2023. USA

Hi Lorena,
I must tell you Lorena—other trip operators have contacted me and NOT a single one compares to the level of service you have provided to me!

Thank you for-

Your time, Your patience, Your knowledge, Your caring.
You have been very special!

Judith M. Krupnick

Canada November, 2022. USA

Calipso Cruise Reviews VIEW THIS CRUISE

Nuestra estancia en Calipso superó nuestras expectativas... todo fue más que perfecto (barco, cálida bienvenida, comidas, excursiones, etc.)

Muchas gracias, me quedo también muy satisfecho por el servicio prestado.

Switzerland February, 2022. Switzerland

A most enjoyable cruise and experience, with excellent crew and a guide who made our excursions a great experience! A well kept ship

United States of America October, 2019. USA

It was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you for this great experience and the possibility to discover the Galapagos Islands. Muchas gracias!

United States of America October, 2019. USA

Fue un viaje fantástico con una tripulación maravillosa, un capitán excelente y un guía con mucho conocimiento y gran potencial

Stephany Mathers

United States of America October, 2019. USA

Such a great experience. All the crew made it extra special fun and enjoyable. Great guide, great service, great panga rides. Nice cabins, Delicious food.

United States of America November, 2019. USA

Cormorant Catamaran Cruise Reviews VIEW THIS CRUISE

Hello Lorena,

We returned from our trip yesterday and could not have been more pleased with the cruise. It was really great. The ship was beautiful, food good, crew very nice, guide, Grace, excellent, and the places we visited were beautiful. It was beyond what I had expected.

Thanks again for your help during the whole process and congratulations to Royal Galapagos for such a good organisation.

Best regards,

Catherine Zedoun

France February, 2022. France

My husband, 4 family members and I totally enjoyed our 8 day/7 night cruise on the Cormorant around the eastern islands of the Galapagos. We snorkeled (with wetsuits) each day, and hiked or kayaked each day. The wildlife, birds and sea life were even better than we had imagined. The Galapagos Nat'l Park guide was excellent: knowledgeable with a sense of humor.

The crew (10 people for 14 passengers!) were professional, kind and attentive. All meals and snacks: top quality. The accommodations on the yacht, as well as hotels in Ecuador, were excellent.

Kisenwether Group

Mexico January, 2022. Mexico

Hi Andrea,

We got home from our amazing adventure this afternoon. Just wanted to let you know that the whole trip was fantastic.

The crew on the Cormorant is top notch, Tania is so wonderful, the naturalist was wonderful, the boat was very comfortable and the crew treated us like family.

We will remember this special vacation for a very long time.

Thank you again for making it happen and for all of the arrangements you made for us. Please take good care of yourself and your family.

With sincere gratitude,


United States of America January, 2022. USA

Absolutely amazing service by the crew. We wanted for nothing and they anticipated our every need. Josy, our guide, was beyond incredible. Cannot recommend Royal Galápagos enough!

Marella Canny

United States of America January, 2022. USA

We have recently completed a fabulous four day Galapagos trip on the Cormorant, April 3rd, with our exquisite guide Josie.

Not only were we welcomed like family, and guided through incredible hikes and snorkeling, but Josie took it upon herself to help me snorkel as I am not a strong swimmer. She also made sure we swam with the sharks, sea lions and rays, as well as countless other fish. Her knowledge, and her kindness made her an incredible leader. At the end of our trip, she took the boat ashore with us to make sure we were checked into our hotel. Thank goodness she did so as the hotel was closed when we arrived as we had not contacted them earlier(our mistake, not Josie’s) She contacted friends to get telephone number for hotel manager who came from her home to let us in and upgraded our room. The people in Ecuador are incredible.

We plan to do an Amazon trip in the near future and will do so with your company!

Best regards,

Diane and Philip

United States of America April, 2021. USA

We loved it! The crew was outstanding, food was delicious. Guide was very knowledgeable.

Janis Rehlaender

United States of America September, 2021. USA

This was a wonderful experience. Josy has a wealth of knowledge about the islands and she made every activity fun. The crew of the Cormorant exceeded all of our expectations.

United States of America October, 2021. USA

A wonderful cruise. Staff is profesional, friendly, and provided exceptional service always with a smile. I could mention them By name but ir would be the WHOLE staff.


United States of America October, 2021. USA

We wanted for nothing! Everything was fantastic and we will certainly recommend Cormorant I to our Friends. Daniel, Joe, Brian and they rest of the team provided exceptional service.

Lynda Vaughan

United States of America October, 2021. USA

We felt well cared for every staff member is extraordinarily attentive and friendly. We thoroughly enjoyed our Galápagos adventure. James was outstanding as our naturalist.

Lynda Vaughan

United States of America December, 2021. USA

Amazing crew and guide super stoked on our trip. Can’t wait to come back. I will tell all My Friends to come on this cruise. Thank you!!!

Jenny Trembley

United States of America December, 2021. USA

This cruise around the Galapagos has been better than expected. The guide, crew and fellow guests have been a pleasure to be around for meals, excursions and in general. Muchas gracias por la buena experiencia.

United States of America February, 2020. USA

Excellent experience. Everything was superb and people are very friendly and helpful. Eric was amazing! Thank you so much!

Guy Navarras

United States of America February, 2019. USA

Our whole experience was wonderful! The attention to detail and punctuality were remarkable. Everyone on board was gracious + kind + helpful

Brad & Karyn Bush

United States of America June, 2019. USA

The crew was amazing! I had dietary restrictions + preferences and they made special accomodations for me with all meals + most snacks. Panga drivers were awesome – always looking for new things for us to see while crossing. Pablo was an awesome guide!

United States of America June, 2019. USA

We had fabulous time & learned so much! The cormorant staff & experience exceded our expectations in every way. Thank you for making this once in a lifetime tri pone of joy that we Will always remember!

Daniel Bodeck

United States of America June, 2019. USA

Delicious food, too much at lunch! This was a fabulous trip! One to remember forever!

Judith Sullivan

United States of America November, 2019. USA

We loved this trip. The crew was so nice and accommodating. Everything was superb. The food was amazing. Will recommend the Cormorant!

Bob & Jodi

United States of America December, 2019. USA

Hello Lorena,

We had a 8 day trip on the cormorant with a very international mixed group from the 8.-15.06.2019. It was a wonderful experience to combine nature with the luxury of the Cormorant. Everything was well organised. The crew members were every time pleased to help us with any questions. Every evening we had a briefing for the next day program, so it was possible to take care of everyone’s wishes. James was an excellent guide. He knew everything and had answers for all our nature questions and really took care of everybody in the group.

Thanks a lot for a wonderful, special time.

Till & Veronika

United States of America June, 2019. USA

Reina Silvia Cruise Reviews VIEW THIS CRUISE

Hi Lorena,

I wanted to write to thank you a million times for the wonderful trip to Galapagos on the Reina Silvia. It was the most tremendous trip my husband and I had ever taken. The yacht was fantastic, as was Cabin One, as was the world class crew and Franklin the naturalist. Many many many thanks. Gold medal! Number 1! Perfect Vacation!

If there is a list you keep of interested clients for return trips please put us on it. It was just a fabulous time.

Mary & Bryan Kaltenbach

United States of America April, 2018. USA

Dear Patricia,
Now it's more than a week when we returned from the cruise on Reina Silvia. We got some time to get the impressions from the trip settled a little bit.

We want to thank you, for this super trip. The Reina Silvia, the Crew the guide, everything was matching or exceeding our expectations. On top of this the support before and after the trip on the airport Quito whelped us a lot.

To say it in one word. We are absolutely satisfied and will recommend the service of your company and the ship to fellow travelers.

Best regards
Dirk Pötzsch

United States of America June, 2018. Germany

Alya Cruise Reviews

Hi Kim,

We returned yesterday and wanted to let you know about our trip. It was wonderful. I am so glad that we used your expertise to plan our holiday in the Galápagos Islands. The ship, the Alya was outstanding in its amenities.

Our room was spacious, clean and modern. The balcony was a bonus where we could sit and look for sea animals. While we ate breakfast, our bed was made and then in the evening the bed was turned down. Fresh towels when needed and lots of filtered water. The staff was exceptional. They were efficient and extremely hospitable. No keys for our rooms, but a locked safe in each room. Never once worried about it. The food was delicious and plentiful. Lots of options for everyone- fish, chicken, beef, lots of veggies, salads, Ecuadorian specialties and a different dessert twice a day. Buffet breakfast and lunch and served evening meals. We enjoyed a barbecue on our last evening with the meal served under the stars. Soda pop was included if you wanted.

Our National Park guide, Carlos was top notch. He was very knowledgeable and accommodating to questions and requests. I understand that the guides move about with different ships, so either we were very lucky or Royal Galápagos requests the best. When we were in the panga, the guide and crew made sure we were safe at all times. They always helped us into the panga from the catamaran or the water. They never mocked my less than gracious manoeuvres, at least in front of me. They also kept vigil while we snorkelled and kayaked. The boat provided full wetsuits (not shorties) and we kept the suit and snorkels for our entire stay. Each time we needed our equipment, the crew helped us gather all our gear. We saw almost all of the animals that we wanted to see. The itinerary took us to a variety of environments. My favourite was Chinese Hat. Our highlight were the sharks..or maybe it were the sea lions..or the whales..or the oyster catcher birds marching along the beach. Lots to see everyday.

Thanks, Kim for finding the best fit for us in every way.

With gratitude,

Wendy Robertson

United States of America August, 2018. USA

Hi Josie,

Riley and I had a trip of a lifetime in the Galapagos on board M/C Alya. Thank you so much for arranging the trip on relatively short notice. Although the accommodations and service were almost luxurious, this was no pampered trip. We were challenged every day (always within our physical limitations) during excursions up rocky cliffs, hiking across primitive landscapes, and snorkeling in warm clear oceans. M/C Alya is an 8 cabin, 16 passenger sailing catamaran, with crew of 10 including a chef, a hotel manager, and our dedicated naturalist Renny.

Each day started early with buffet breakfast at 7am, followed by a morning hike to one of the islands in the Ecuadorian National Park where we focused on a species or two unique to that island. These excursions were designed for photo opportunities within meters of the wildlife. Each hike was followed by a wetsuit snorkeling opportunity from one of the zodiac boats that took us in close among the reefs. We then returned to the Alya for a great lunch and an hour’s rest before repeating the morning sequence during the afternoon.

Each evening before a table service dinner, Renny provided a short lecture on what we could expect the following day. I was very impressed with the crew’s ability to provide comfort and safety to such a diverse group of guests ranging from 20 to 72 years of age in varying degrees of health. There was only one safety mishap when a guest stumbled on a hiking path and fell into a cactus. All of us pitched in to help with tweezers and she recovered nicely. Several passengers were concerned about the potential for motion sickness (and I do believe some precautions are warranted) but no one became ill.

Thanks again for arranging a most satisfying father-son adventure.

Rick Adamson

United States of America August, 2018. USA

Galapagos - Alya Cruise - quite exceptional. The boat is impeccable. Our cabin was on a main level VERY spacious. Upper deck cabins were much smaller. The crew was working hard to ensure that all details were taken care of. We did see other boats including Majestic. Alya seemed to be the best from what we have seen. Compared to Majestic the size was smaller that allowed for fewer people on shore, and better experience overall. Española was my favorite part of the trip. Alya is HIGHLY recommended..

Larissa Makeeva

United States of America January, 2018. USA

The Alya was Awesome! There is no way you can do better than this Catamaran. It was like we were on our own personal yacht. Crew and Guide (Maria ) spectacular.


United States of America April, 2017. USA

Hi Patricia, We finished our cruise yesterday and it was amazing, just wanted to say thank you again for helping us to organise it! We'll write a TripAdvisor review once we get back to the mainland.

Richard Brown

United States of America April, 2017. USA

Majestic Cruise Reviews

Wow. What a wonderful vacation…Galapagos was what we imagined and more. Every time I was on shore, I could not stop smiling from all the wildlife. I was in heaven. In the water, it was like snorkeling in a huge salt water aquarium. I felt like we were in a National Geographic special. One of the gems of the Galapagos was our guide, Lola. She was very knowledgeable of the islands and wildlife. Her enthusiasm was contagious the entire trip. The captain and crew of the Majestic were the best. We were spoiled the entire time on the boat. We had a wonderful group of fellow passengers on board. We have made new friends. We have decided that this trip is in the top three of all our vacations. The one thing I would suggest is that it is made clear that this is a very active trip and lots of places where not for people with walking problems. There was an older couple on board that had a hard time during entire trip. Jenny, once again, thank you so much.


United States of America March, 2018. USA

Hi Adriana,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you here!
I was only able to inspect Majestic while there due to the other boats schedules, but I was really impressed with it. I especially liked the sun roof! I will certainly be thinking of it more often as a first class option! Beautiful boat.
Thank you again for arranging the inspection!

United States of America September, 2017. USA

Between the fact that I was raised by a half-Ecuadorian mother and my lifetime interest in evolution, the Galapagos Islands has always been high on my list. Barbara and I are living in Peru, so it became a matter of when, not if. In March, we started planning a short trip for our October break, so I started asking around and searching online.

One link sent me to "Royal Galapagos," the cover photo of which was a gleaming white vessel, Majestic, with large port holes, sitting serenely at anchor at sunset. We contacted them; they responded quickly, and we hemmed and hawed for a few weeks, until a strategic email informed us that if we wanted to reserve a cabin on the main deck, we would need to act. We had to pay a sizeable deposit and I got a little nervous when the bank transfer seemed to go okay from our end, but not theirs, and I began to fear I might soon be smelling the sour stench of scam. PayPal ended up working okay, but cost us an extra 4%. When our reservation seemed to be set (Thank you for your patience, Elizabeth!), we waited, and waited, grateful that we had acted early.

By the time the trip approached, we had vouchers, itineraries, free reservations at a nice airport hotel in Guayaquil, free flight to the islands, pick-ups and drop-offs, etc. We were picked up, taken to the airport, handed boarding passes and more detailed information and practically escorted to the gate. By the way, the new Guayaquil airport is obsessively clean. There was nobody there, so the place was like some sort of white, shiny shrine with people pacing up and down the long corridor with mops, cleaning the floors.

Anyway, we got the same treatment when we arrived. We had to pay $20 back in Guayaquil and $100 in San Cristobal for the park service. We had been aware of that and were happy to support the good work the park service does. The guides, Simon and Peter, who turned out to be the onboard naturalist, greeted us and before we knew it we were on the wharf. Off in the distance, the Majestic was moored. They have two very sturdy, very stable inflatable dinghies that make embarkment and disembarkment easy, supported by the sure hands of the boarding crew.

Pretty much everything surpassed our highest expectations. What I had briefly feared was a scam turned out to be a well-oiled machine.  Every member of the crew was professional, skilled, courteous, genuinely friendly, multi-talented, and all-around amable. These guys never stopped. Jonathan would serve breakfast, help us board, work on deck, etc. yet with every skill, he, like all of them, was on top of his game. The crew quietly brought our backs to our cabins during the orientation. We newlyweds of 37 years enjoyed the "Matrimonial Suite."

Peter deserves his own paragraph. He has the build of a guy who runs up and down mountains - lean and mean - but there is no meanness in Peter, only a serious and multifaceted skill set. He is a walking encyclopaedia. He can identify a bird on the fly from 50 meters. He organized the itinerary to ensure the best chances of seeing wildlife and he managed time so effectively that we felt like we were packing in lots of action during the days, but not at a breakneck pace - we never felt hurried - and we still had a nice after-lunch siesta time before striking out again to some other amazing experience, where Peter knew we would see some animals up close.  He was also thorough in his safety precautions and instructions.

That first night, the crew lined up, decked out in their dress uniform best. Everybody introduced themselves and we had a champagne toast. Peter drew up a dry-erase board (every night) with the next day's itinerary, along with a detailed list of what to take along to each different place, and whether it would be a "wet or dry landing." Wet landings were never deeper than my knee. Decisions of which shoes to take led to generally less and less wearing of shoes.

At night, the soporific combination of the salt air, the lulling of the hull, and the end of an active day was enough to soothe us to sleep. But the boat made the long hauls from island to island at night, so that when we woke up, we were there! That created a few issues. The sound of the diesel engine, blended with the sound of the waves in the wake, was not unpleasant. When weighing anchor, however, the somehow unpleasant sound of the chain dragging across the deck seemed to be just outside, or maybe in the same cabin. It took only a minute, but there was no sleeping through it. October is a season of choppy seas, and the nighttime passages were pretty rough if you were trying to walk around the deck. I ended up sleeping better than Barbara did.

That first morning, I wandered out to the rear deck and gazed at the striped Wrasses slowly swimming through the clear water; then a large shark slowly made its way to the gunnel and beneath the boat. Breakfast followed,  including fruit, frittata, huevos, cheeses, ham, breads, juices, and on and on. The quality of the food was actually amazing. One night Chef proudly walked in with a whole roast turkey! Every meal consisted of at least two gratuitous courses that were just too much to get to. The first day, after a morning snorkel off the beach at Post Office Bay, we arrived to a small buffet of fruit, sandwiches and juice. We thought it was lunch, but it was "morning tea."  To our surprise, about an hour later, they served a full-on lunch on the top deck where the bar and jacuzzi are. We learned to expect a substantial snack after every trip off the boat. Pacing was key because it was all delicious, especially the unique fruits that I had never even heard of. Service was professional and we wanted for nothing.

That the islands are amazing is such an understatement. There are no words for that feeling when birds hop or fly right up to you and seals and iguanas seem unaware of your very existence. It's like being invisible. We were lucky enough to see mating rituals of Albatrosses and Nazca Boobies. We walked among sea lions, barely a week old, hanging out on the beach with their mothers. We saw rocky shore boiling with brightly colored Sally Lightfoot crabs. In close to shore it was a casual buffet for the sea lions and birds. Turtles poked their heads up amid the feasting. We saw huge tortugas, strewn across a field like bales of hay. Snorkeling was hit or miss, but when it was a hit, it was a party. Sea lions considered us temporary distractions, nosing up to us and shooting past us. Unconcerned, Turtles slowly made their way past us. We swam in the midst of schools of brightly colored tropical fish of a range of sizes, swirling around the ancient sunken caldera called the Devil's Crown. In swim-through caves, White-tipped sharks patiently lurked, occasionally taking short, smooth glides along the vertical rock wall.

This is meant to be a review, not a travelogue, but suffice it to say, there is nothing like it. If you want to see a few different islands, a boat is the way to go, because you travel at night and wake up at your destination (see note above.) I could not have been more impressed with the service, from start to finish. It's a little nerve-wracking to pay 100% up front for an unimaginable experience. I feel like we got 110% back.

David Rynerson

United States of America September, 2017. USA

We were on board the Majestic yacht for seven nights in February 2016 where we had an unbelievable experience.

Captain Marcello and his wonderful team made our dream trip exceptional in every way. They were enthusiastic, so friendly, always smiling and nothing was too much trouble. They worked together as a team, helped us in and out of the dingy, and were very minded to our security.

One day there was a birthday. We arrived back on deck late afternoon to find the crew had filled the dining area with balloons and were ready to make dinner a festive special birthday.

I was impressed by the chef who managed to produce different dishes taking care of my food allergies of gluten and lactose.

Billy our naturalist guide so professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a wonderful caring person. We felt blessed that he was on board. He always was ready to share and answer questions however trivial. We were not rushed and Billie gave us plenty of time to wait for the right moments to take our photographs. Hikes and snorkeling were simply perfect. He made every effort to ensure we had an unforgettable experience.

Thank you all.
Paulette and Emily

United States of America February, 2016. USA

Hi Angela
I am not sure where to begin. The ship was beautiful. I loved the public space. Plenty of it. Jacuzzi was a little bit of luxury. On the top deck it would had been good if there had been more shade for the sunbeds. It got a bit hot on deck. The food was excellent with plenty of choice. The crew worked nonstop. They were friendly, helpful and provided a first class service. The crew certainly made my birthday a very special occasion which will be a birthday I will never forget. The cabins were small on the lower deck but cabin number 5 is the largest and we were certainly grateful for that. We were a little bit disappointed about the lack of information on their website. No idea if water was free (it was) they served juices which were also inclusive. It would have been handy to know that the boat supplied a hairdryer and some idea of the cost of drinks and tips. We did have windows on the lower deck just too high to see out! The window sill was useful as an additional shelf for personal possessions and clothes. Not a lot of space to store two suitcases. You can just about get them under the bed, just little bit of additional information proves very useful.

The guide on board was extremely knowledgeable and flexible. We never felt rushed and he did his utmost to ensure that we fully benefited from each and every trip. The itinerary for each day was clearly laid out on a white board with what to wear and take. So well organized so we didn't waste any time. The islands visited gave us an excellent opportunity to see a wide range of sea life and birds. It was all so close and made taking photos so easy. It was amazing to wake up every morning to a different view and a new adventure waiting for us. The other thing we would have liked to have done on Santa Cruz was to spend a little more time shopping and a bit of time in the evening there to enjoy the street life and live music. We felt seven day trip was spot on. I am so pleased we didn't do a shorter trip as we got to see so much more and never once felt we had had enough. To travel so far, and to such a unique place I am pleased we made the most of it and did a full week.

Best wishes

United States of America January, 2016. USA

Having just returned from my Galapagos travel, I wanted to compliment your discerning management and staffing aboard the Majestic MV. Each member of her crew was professional, welcoming, courteous and helpful.

The cabin was immaculately prepared and maintained; the meals were beautifully created and presented, and our phenomenal educated naturalist guide Peter helped not only my enjoyment of Galapagos but furthered my education and passion for your archipelago.

My only suggestion is that you not change a thing!

Awesome in every respect; I am looking forward to my return to not only Galapagos but the Majestic and her phenomenal crew,


United States of America January, 2018. USA

Dear Martina,

We have returned from the enchanted islands! But straight after we headed to Cotopaxi so we were Wi-Fi-less for a long time.

We are still completely overwhelmed by the Galapagos! And there was so much snorkeling, often times two times a day! We played with sea lions almost every day and they are so curious and playful!! We saw so many turtles, sharks and even swam with the flightless cormorants and marine iguanas!!!! We fell so in love with the islands that we were so sad to leave, we even tried if we could stay on longer on the beloved majestic but it was of course full.

The crew was amazing; and our guide Peter Freire phenomenal. We learned so much!!!! Everything was just perfect it was like living a dream. And to make everything even better; our whole boat wanted to snorkel at kicker rock so the crew and guide went out of their way to make it happen. So on the last day we were in the water at 06.00 am and got to swim with a school of sharks as our goodbye :).

For us this was the trip of a lifetime that we never expected we could make, we are so thankful for all your help and making it a reality. We cannot thank you enough!!

And although this was once in a lifetime we did decide that one day we will have to come back, it may take some time but we want to see it all one day.
Again; thank you so so much! You made the number 1 highlight of our 5 months trip in South America a reality, so dreams do come true sometimes.
We are sad we cannot say thank you in person, but we fly home tomorrow - and in our bags we can now bring along such precious memories.
Un abrazo and much love,
Robbert & Rianne

United States of America June, 2016. USA

Hola Adriana,
Our vacation was very nice. Especially the cruise through Majestic.
Crew members of Majestic were excellent.

Very polite and helpful and friendly. Especially a member named Jonathan who worked 12 hours every day and always had a smile on his face.

United States of America February, 2017. USA

Hi Angela,
Just had to let you know that my group loved their trip. From the guides in Peru to the ship and staff on the Majestic – everything was fantastic. Not one glitch or complaint.
Thanks for planning a flawless trip -- I'm so thrilled it all went well!!
Nancy Scorby

United States of America July, 2016. USA

Galaven Cruise Reviews

Good afternoon, Patricia,

As you may recall this is our second excursion aboard your Royal Galapagos vessel, the Galaven. As such, Victor is one of four Galapagos National Park Naturalists that we have had the pleasure of guiding our daily excursions. We would like to commend Victor's outstanding performance during our June 27 through July 5 Tour A expedition. His well refined English language skills compliment his vast knowledge of the natural wonders of each of the Galápagos Islands. His daily briefings were very well prepared, presented and informative. We were always up-to-date on what was planned for each upcoming day. Several times throughout the expedition Victor offered lectures to provide more depth to facilitate our understanding of the geology, flora, fauna, and wildlife we were encountering each day. Capping this Victor offered a capstone photographic and video production encapsulating our specific 8-day tour. It was very well prepared and presented. Victor has a welcoming demeanor and expresses both excitement and appreciation of the natural wonder we have come to know as the Galapagos. In addition, we sure appreciated Victor joining us for each evening's meal making himself available to answer our never-ending questions and offer more insight to the day's events. In sum, Victor is the best of the best and we appreciate him and Royal Galapagos!

Diane and Keith Nelson

United States of America July, 2017. USA

Dear Isabel,

I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We had the most amazing trip on the Galaven ​! I really appreciate all the help you gave us in planning the trip! My son had a fabulous time and we had a great time with all the people on the boat!! I especially LOVED ALL the crew and guides and Louis!!!

Thank you again and we hope that one day we'll be back in The Galapagos!!!

Hilary Unger

United States of America June, 2017. USA

Hi Martina!

I just wanted to thank you once again for our perfect trip that we just completed. Everything went perfectly; the weather was wonderful, everything was extremely well-organized, our crew and guide were outstanding (and every meal was delicious), and we saw and did a lot of spectacular animals (I got a video while snorkeling with four sea turtles). The group of passengers onboard the Galaven with us was just the right size, and everyone was terrific. Your careful attention to my questions and great organization is most appreciated. Thank you again, and I will soon go on to TripAdvisor and Yelp to repeat this.

Bruce Rheins

United States of America March, 2017. USA

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most wonderful week in the Galapagos Islands. Erick Ortiz and Geno could not have been better tour guides for us. Their knowledge, expertise and patience with us and the rest of guests was magical. Luis was wonderful as the cruise director and made us feel welcome at every point on the trip. We feel like we were very lucky to have the guests and crew for our B excursion. We cannot wait to save up enough money to do the A trip with Royal Galapagos. The accommodations were good. The food was delicious. The guests and crew were friendly and wonderful to get to know and the wildlife and island environment were out of this world.

Thank you, again Patricia, for helping to make our experience the best vacation we have experienced. Please extend our thanks and gratitude to Erick, Geno, and Luis.


Diane and Keith Nelson

United States of America July, 2016. USA

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that my husband and I had a WONDERFUL trip!
The materials were waiting for us at our hotel, and the trip aboard the Galaven was fantastic.
What a special place.
Thank you for all of you help.
Susan Richmond

United States of America May, 2016. USA

My group of 4 had a wonderful time on South America! Your itinerary was jam-packed with a variety of locations and activities. Some days were more 'athletic' than expected, but we managed to do everything. All the guides were good, the Galaven yacht was good, every hotel was a unique, small, boutique style property in ideal locations, with very nice staff.
Overall, it was a fabulous trip, thanks to your planning.

United States of America June, 2016. USA

Querida Martina,
We had THE BEST TIME on our vacation! The Galaven cruise was perfect from start to finish! You got everything started with your great communication and information about the cruise.

We were able to fly in to Quito on Saturday night and we toured the city with a taxi driver all day Sunday. We rode the Teleferico to the top and viewed the city, we visited the Mitad del Mundo (original site) and also saw the new GPS accurate Mitad del Mundo museum (much smaller but the tour and scientific examples were terrific!). We also saw the beautiful volcano valley of Pululahua. It was a wonderful day of sightseeing! I'm just sorry we couldn't meet you (hopefully you were not working on Sunday anyway!).

Our Avianca flight to SCY was great and we loved our one day and night sightseeing in San Cristobal (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) before our cruise began.

Then the best part of the trip was when we boarded the Galaven and met our wonderful crew. They were so accommodating and friendly and professional. In particular, our chef Senor Washington prepared so many delicious and delightful meals for us. Our boat drivers Wilmer and Augustin were excellent, our housekeeper Maria was wonderful, our cruise coordinator Luis was great and our 2 nature guides Pato and Xavier were terrific! Of course we owe our safety to our great captain Jose Figueroa and his mechanic Carlos, too! Everyone was absolutely delightful....what a wonderful crew!

We filled out our comment cards and said lots of positive things about our vacation. The only negative thing I had to say was about the $50 fee for the wetsuits...considering the temperature of the ocean, I felt that the wetsuits should have been included in our cruise fee. They are a reusable item (like the mask, fins and snorkels) and do not have to be replaced after our use. I know that was a common feeling among the passengers---there should not have been a fee to use the wetsuits.

I hope to someday return to the Galapagos Islands and enjoy Itinerary A! Maybe in about 3 years we will be able to return. By then the new boat Infiniti will be in operation. Luis was telling us about some of the features of the new boat. Although the Infiniti sounds wonderful, I was absolutely 100% satisfied with the layout of the Galaven and the accommodations. Of course, we loved our cabins--#9 and #11 and we were happy to have such large windows to look out from!

So, in closing, thank you for your great communication and for everything you did to get us signed up on our cruise and booked into such lovely cabins for the week.

Un abrazo desde Atlanta a ti en Quito,

Kathy Keramidas

United States of America June, 2016. USA

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