Punta Vicente Roca
Punta Vicente Roca, Insel Isabela

Vicente Roca Point

Highlighting an enormous amount of the “small stuff”, PUNTA VICENTE ROCA offers up a sweet home to octopi, sea horses, red-lipped batfish, frogfish, and nudibranchs. The Mola Mola, or sun fish has been spotted here as well.

Highlights: This drift wall dive will bring you up close and personal to a long list of invertebrates including sponge and flat worms. Keep your eyes peeled for the endemic camotillo and the occasional port Jackson shark!
Experience: Minimum Open Water Diver with good buoyancy control
Depth: Average dive depth 20 M (66 ft)
Currents mild to none
Water Temp: 17-24 C (62-76 F), depending on the season and special conditions
Thermoclines: variable; often below 20 M (66 ft)
Difficulty: Beginner
Visibility: 8-15 M (26-49 ft)
Unique Animals: the camotillo
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