Royal Galapagos

Playful sea lions at Cape Marshall, Insel Isabela

Cape Marshall

A near-vertical wall of volcanic rock that plummets to the bottom of the sea, this dive site boasts the big stuff: manta rays, hammerheads, sun fish (“mola mola”), and sometimes huge schools of the endemic saleema.


Not only is the topogrpahy of this site distinct and fascinating, but so is the marine life! The “usual” sea turtles and sea lions swim along with you and the Chevron barracuda, yellow fin tuna, marbled rays, mobula rays, snappers, and more!

Experience: Minimum Advanced Open Water and 30 dives. Experience with current, walls, and good buoyancy needed.
Depth: 10-35 M (33-98 feet)
Currents strong
Water Temp: 17C-23C / 63F-73F, depending on the season and special conditions
Thermoclines: Prevalent at approximately 14 M (45 ft)
Difficulty: Advanced
Visibility: 3 – 10 M (10-33 feet)
Unique Animals: The Galapagos black-striped saleema
Interesting facts: The red-lipped batfish can be found here, although no night diving is permitted in Galapagos, so it will be tricky to find them!