Galapagos hammerhead sharks
Hammerhead sharks at Darwin Island

El Arenal

Often coined “the best dive site in the world”, Isla Darwin is an underwater circus with stars like whale sharks, hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, pods of dolphins, and a few killer whales and tiger sharks making guest appearances! El Arenal is an underwater sloping sand “driveway” of Darwin's Arch teeming with amazing marine life. Stick with your expert guide who can show you the safest and best routes in the currents.

Highlights: hammerhead sharks and cleaning station, schools of big-eyed jacks, blacktip sharks and whale sharks
Experience required: Minimum 50 dives and experience in current, cold water and surge
Depth: 14-37 m (46-121 ft)
Currents: moderate to strong
Water Temp: Dec - April: 24- 28 C  (76 – 82 F ) / May – Nov: 22- 26 C  (72 – 78 F ).
Thermoclines: variable
Difficulty: advanced
Visibility: 12-24 m (40-80 ft)
Interesting facts:  A great place to hang out and watch the action fly past