Sea lions at Lobos Island
Playful sea lions at Lobos Island, San Cristobal

Lobos Island

One of the many islets that pepper the archipelago, this one is named for the mass amounts of sea lions that invade the area. Often used as a check-out dive site, Lobos Island is a sweet dive filled with star fish, rays, various fish, turtles, eagle rays, and sometimes marine iguanas.

Highlights: Sea lions by the dozens!
Experience: Open water diver, with a minimum of 10 dives
Depth: 3-10 m (10-33 feet)
Currents Light
Water Temp: 17C-23C / 63F-73F, depending on the season and special conditions
Thermoclines: Not generally
Difficulty: Beginner
Visibility: 6-12 M (20 -40 ft)
Unique Animals: Galapagos garden eel, many endemic fish
Interesting facts: The sea lions here welcome you to Galapagos with friendly under water games of hide and seek, tag, and “pull the fin!”